Macri Alghero - Holiday Home and Apartments

Casa Vacanze e Appartamenti - Holiday Home and Apartments - Empfohlene Ferienhäuser und Ferienwohnungen - Casa de Vacaciones and Apartamentos
  • Room

    Type: three-roomed flat (up to max 5 persons)

     Bed's Number: 4 - Extra Beds: 1

  • Room

    Type: two-roomed flat (up to max 4 persons)

    Bed's Number: 2 - Extra Beds: 2

  • Bedroom

    Type: two-roomed flat (up to max 2 persons)

    Bed's Number: 2 - Extra Beds: 0



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Where is the Macri Holiday House


Macri Holiday is located in Alghero in a very important street plenty of shops, supermarket, ATMs, bar and pizzerias / restaurants where you can find a delicious typical Sardinian dishes. Is a strategic point for those who choose to arrive by plane or by car for enjoy all services that this city can offer!

Just in front of the apartment there's the bus stop to/from beaches but you can also visit them by specials boats from our port.

When you arrive in Alghero, please don't miss to visit our beautiful beaches with their white sand and big cliffs that make this delightful city a Mediterranean Pearl.

Another very nice place is Porto Ferro's beach with this eponymous tower overlooking the beach below. Don't miss the Baratz's lake as well. It's surrounded by a beautiful pine forestand is the only natural lake in Sardinia which is formed by a sand's deposit.

Just far 20km we find Capo Caccia's promontory (limesone block of 168 mt) and the suggestive Escala Cabirol (Scale of Venisons with views of Isla Foradada) through which you can get the famous caves of Neptune.

Wonderful is also Porto Conte's park, an ancient roman port famous for the colour of its emerald green watersand the beach of Mugoni.

Continuing in the hinterland of Alghero we can also admire "Nuraghe complex Palmavera" and going southwards the famous beaches of  Bombarde and Lazzaretto. Beside the sea towards Sella&Mosca (famous wine seller) is possible to view how are still intact the archaeological necropolis of Anghelu Ruju.

Continuing 2 miles upwards we can find the old town of Argentiera, town that still preserved the old building sof wood and brick red. Still in north side (30 km away from Argentiera) there's Stintino with an amazing white sand beach called "La Pelosa", in front of which we can see Asinara's island recently made available to the tourists.

In your holiday in our city don't forget to visit the ancient village surrounded by the ancient walls still intact that hold real gems of culture with ancient churches where you can feel the flavour of Aragonese-Catalan domination.

They invaded the city in 1325 and so the population has maintained language, customs, and cuisine. So don't be surprised if at restaurant next to porcetto (Sardinian suckling pig) you can also find "paella" and the famous "catalan lobster" or creme brulee as well.


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Services included in the Apartment

Air Conditioning

Heating in winter

Kitchen Equipped


Satellite TV



Maps and Brochures

Wi-Fi Free

Extra Services

Washing Machine

Extra Bed


Bicycle Rental

Car and Scooter Rental

Tour Archaeological Sites

Tour to Capo Caccia

Tour Boat

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